Intro to Tearing Spaces

Tearing Spaces is a competitive NFT game where players battle it out to earn tokens and rewards. Players battle in teams of 3v3 against real players from around the world.

World Fiction

Battle of the Ancient Gods

Eons ago, our universe was forged by ancient and powerful gods who maintained order and authority. While immortal, these gods possessed very mortal weaknesses. Chief among them, jealousy.

A new goddess awoke, born of pure light and goodness, who quickly gained power and influence. This threatened many of the other gods.

The gods waged war to defeat the new-born goddess and sealed her away for eternity in a cosmic void.

Over time, the goddess transformed into a planet called Atus giving birth to a multitude of diverse creatures.

Over the course of many ages, the seal which bound the goddess gradually loosened, and the magic power of the goddess began to escape and permeate inside and outside of the planet. Time and space could not withstand such power and cracks began to appear, forming a strange Broken Land.

Magic Crystal & Magic Essence

Fragments of the goddess' consciousness and streams of her magic power scattered throughout the Broken Land. Attempting to recombine, the fragments of consciousness caused a strong gravitational pull on her magic power, eventually condensing to form Magic Crystals.

The remaining magic power that had not yet condensed into Crystals became known as Magic Essence.

All life, once nurtured by the goddess, comes from the same source as the Crystals and Essence. As such, all life can easily absorb the magic power to enhance themselves, receiving some of the goddess' divinity from the Crystals.

The Tournament and Heroes

The appearance of the Broken Land did not escape the eyes, nor schemes, of the Ancient Gods.

The existence of Magic Crystals and Magic Essence made it possible for them to seize or dilute the power of the goddess once and for all. They dared not touch the crystals, fearing the goddess would sense their power and regain consciousness. Furthermore, they merely hold the ability to manipulate the form which magic essence can take, lacking the ability to directly absorb it without the use of an intermediate life force. Thus they send hordes of monsters to ravage the land and extract the power of the goddess.

Not all the Ancient Gods were bent on evil schemes however. Many did not participate in the origin war against the goddess and do not agree with the plan to eradicate her. They decreed that there would be a Tournament, where Heroes could battle these monsters and release some of the energy back to the goddess upon slaying the wicked creatures roaming the land.


In addition to Magic Crystals, Atus produces a rare Crystal Ore which over time has pressurized into a unique and powerful core. Originally a part of the goddess' body, when the Essence senses the existence of the crystal ore, it will instinctively attract it in order to recombine with the body.

These ores will be given a unique number and can be forged into a powerful weapon. Only weapons made from Crystal Ore can defeat the monsters formed of magic essence by the evil gods, enabling the contestants to absorb the magic essence.


In order to obfuscate the true nature of the Magic Crystals, the Ancient Gods distributed only small pieces of broken crystals to the winners as a reward to incentivize competitors in The Tournament. They called these small shards Tearing Spaces Coin (TSC).

The larger remnant shards of crystal, if returned to the goddess, would hinder the evil gods' plans immensely. Therefore, they strictly controlled these remnants to further protect their interests. Only the contestants reaching the end of each section of The Tournament can receive a small amount. These larger shards became known as Tearing Spaces Gems (TSG).


Players select a hero and choose a weapon and talents before entering the battle. The first team to kill the boss wins, but beware, either team can enter portals that appear in the arena and teleport to the opponent's field of battle to launch an ambush. What your strategy depends on the battle situation - do you race to the finish, or sabotage the enemy?

Play & Earn

Players can earn in-game tokens by battling it out to the finish, completing tasks, winning tournaments, owning an NFT weapon that gives Token Boost, and more.

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