Battle System

Battle your way through dungeons in a 3v3 battle mode against real players. Each team races through their own dimension or attacks the other team to kill their boss first.

Game Objective

  • Clear all rooms
  • Break the Magic Crystal to activate the talent
  • Teleport to the enemy team and stop them from moving forward
  • Kill the boss before the opponent team to win the battle

Basic Controls (Keyboard and Mouse)

Melee / Range Attack
Left Click
Character Skill
Weapon Skill 1
Right Click
Weapon Skill 2
Teleport Back (on the enemy's battlefield)

Map Structure

  • The structure of the map is: Battle Room #1 + Battle Room #2 + BOSS Room
  • When the room progress bar reaches 100%, the door to the next room opens

Die & Revive

  • When the player's health reaches 0, the character dies
  • The player can respawn at the revive point in the current room 30 seconds after dying
  • After the respawn, health returns to 100% and the player is invincible for 1 second


  • A portal is a mechanism that allows a player to teleport to the battlefield of the enemy team
  • Portals spawn at battlefield-specific locations
  • When a character uses the portal, the portal will be on cooldown so it can be used again
  • The player teleports to the enemy battlefield at a random location near an enemy player
  • There is no time limit to stay on the enemy battlefield
  • Dying or using the Return skill will bring the player back to the spawn point on their own battlefield


  • Select your character
  • Select 9 talents that you want to bring into battle
  • Choose a weapon that has your desired specific attributes and special skills
  • Kill monsters or invade the enemy battlefield to stop them from moving forward
  • Activate the right talent according to the situation and kill the monsters faster than the opponents