Utility Token-TSC

Tearing Spaces Coin ($TSC) is the ecosystem's principal earning and spending token. Our objective is to have a fairly balanced mint-to-burn ratio while avoiding unhealthy inflation and ecological imbalance.

Supply and Earning

TSC has an unlimited supply and is earned after a match, based on performance.


Tearing Spaces Coin ($TSC) is the main currency used in the TS world. $TSC is used in the following activities:

  • Mystery Box: Users need to spend $TSC to open a mystery box.

  • Marketplace: $TSC will be used for buying and selling NFT weapons, character skins and other items.

  • Workshop: $TSC will be used for repairing/reforging/enhancing NFT weapons.


  • League Match: The amount of $TSC bonus earned in each match depends on the weapon rarity, character league rank, character level, the battle result (win/lose) and whether or not the player achieved MVP or SMVP (MVP of the second team).

  • League Rank: Bonus $TSC is awarded each season to the top 100 ranked players.

  • Unique Activities: Some activities require equipping an NFT weapon to join. Winners can receive TSC as a reward.

  • Marketplace: $TSC is used in all marketplace purchases.

  • Recycling: Once the durability of the weapon reaches zero, users can recycle for TSC.

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