• Battle Style: Warrior

  • Background Story

    • Sorceress with a passion for metal. Able to summon mechs to inflict damage but prefers to finish the job herself - blades are more personal. As an artist who only paints in red, the Tournament may be her masterpiece.

  • Character Skill: Demon Shackles

  • Connects with nearby enemies, dealing damage and doubling the damage to monsters.

Super Talent

Time Prison

  • Rarity: Legendary

  • When Demon Shackles are activated, several magic walls are created nearby, causing damage power equal to 500% of the total power to the enemies it encounters.

Summon Mecha

  • Rarity: Legendary

  • Summons a War Mech to continuously bombard all enemies in the field, causing damage equal to 500% of total power each time for 10 seconds.

Killing Oath

  • Rarity: Legendary

  • For every enemy hero Relagu kills, it restores 8% of her maximum health from the enemy battlefield boss.

Time Blasting

  • Rarity: Epic

  • After Relagu dies, she leaves a time bomb behind her, which explodes after 3 seconds, releasing 1000% of her total damage power to enemies within range.

General's Spirit

  • Rarity: Epic

  • Relagu's Basic Attacks cause 35% bonus damage to enemy heroes' current health. (10 seconds cooldown)

Vengeance Heart

  • Rarity: Rare

  • Relagu will appear near enemy heroes upon resurrection and refresh all skill cooldowns. (30 seconds cooldown)

Furious Hunt

  • Rarity: Rare

  • For every enemy hero Relagu kills, she summons a missile, releasing 8% of her maximum health power to the boss.


  • Rarity: Rare

  • Instantly gains 5000 shields.

Demon Elixir

  • Rarity: Normal

  • 2 seconds after Relagu uses the potion, 200% of her damage power is released to nearby enemies, stunning them for 2 seconds. Each enemy stunned will grant Relagu 500 Shields.

Normal Talent

Got you again

  • Rarity: Legendary

  • When Demon Shackles are activated, enemies that return to the link range will be linked again and face 50% increased damage.

Warrior Possess

  • Rarity: Legendary

  • Relagu increase 100% damage while she is on the enemy battlefield.

Star Gift

  • Rarity: Legendary

  • Each time an enemy hero dies nearby, apply a 500 shield to nearby allies for 3 seconds.

Space Turbulence

  • Rarity: Epic

  • Relagu summons the space turbulence to protect her body, and automatically counterattacks her enemies' attack, causing damage equal to 200% of her total power.

Hunter's Stance

  • Rarity: Epic

  • While Demon Shackles are activated, Relagu's movement speed is increased by 100% for 5 seconds.

Upside Down

  • Rarity: Epic

  • When Relagu uses weapon skills, she has a 10% chance to summon a time-space magic circle on the enemy battlefield, causing a 2 second delay and releasing damage power equal to 200% of her total power, thereby sending enemy heroes to her own battlefield.

Void Body

  • Rarity: Epic

  • Relagu enters the invisible state after crossing the battlefield for 5 seconds, the attack will break the invisible state and increase the damage of this attack by 50%.

Demon's gift

  • Rarity: Rare

  • Each time Demon Shackles successfully stuns an enemy, Relagu's damage power is increased by 10% for 5 seconds.

Time Legacy

  • Rarity: Rare

  • Relagu's damage bonus is increased by 10% for every enemy hero killed, before that power is halved after death.

Space Replace

  • Rarity: Rare

  • Relagu reduces her maximum health by 30% and gains two random talents.


  • Rarity: Rare

  • Grants the magic crystal of the enemy's battlefield the ability to attack, and launches an attack every second, causing damage equal to 200% of the ability power.

Iron Covenant

  • Rarity: Rare

  • Relagu summons a spinning laser ball to follow her, causing damage equal to 200% of her ability power when it hits.

Mirror Door

  • Rarity: Normal

  • Every 20 seconds, Relagu opens a nearby portal that is only visible to her.

Bloody Grant

  • Rarity: Normal

  • Each time an enemy hero dies nearby, Haleys' maximum health is increased by 10%.

Crystal Teleport

  • Rarity: Normal

  • For every 30% decrease in the HP of the magic crystal on the enemy battlefield, it will teleport to a random location.

Void Wrath

  • Rarity: Normal

  • When Relagu dies, imprison enemies within 800 yards so they cannot move for 2 seconds.

Hunting Quest

  • Rarity: Normal

  • Relagu's damage to monsters is increased by 10%.

Original Spirit

  • Rarity: Normal

  • Relagu's maximum health is increased by 10%.

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