Governance Token-TSG

Tearing Spaces Gem ($TSG) is the Tearing Spaces governance token. Initially, there will be a few ways to earn $TSG through the game.

Supply and Earning

TSG has a limited supply with a total of 1,000,000,000. Official mint date is TBD.


Tearing Spaces Gem ($TSG) is the main currency used in the TS world. $TSG is used in the following activities:

  • Unique Mystery Box: Users need to spend $TSG to open a unique mystery box.

  • Staking: $TSG token can be staked for rewards.

  • Vote: In the future, staking will be the mechanism through which the community will vote on decisions such as future token emissions and game mechanics.


  • League Rank: Bonus $TSG is awarded each season to the top 100 ranked players.

  • Unique activity: Some activities require equipping an NFT weapon to join. Winners can receive TSG as a reward.

  • Staking: Users will receive $TSG rewards by staking.

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