NFT Skins (In Development)


  • The six characters each have their own skins
    • Skins change a character's appearance
    • A character's actions and special effects will be affected
    • Skins need to be selected before battle and cannot be changed during a battle.


  • Equipping and fighting with skins will generate additional TSC
  • TSC Profit is calculated based on the skin's rarity

How to get skins

  • Acquired in mystery boxes
    • When a skin mystery box is opened, a character will be randomly selected from the six available and skin parts with different rarities will be generated for that character
    • At the end of a battle, winners will receive a Mystery Battle Box which contains prizes that may include unique skins. Note: These skins cannot be acquired in skin mystery boxes
  • Buy directly on the market
  • Obtained through League rewards
  • Obtained through Milestone rewards
  • Pairing/Linking (in development)


  • Skins have different rarities
  • Skin are composed of a number of different parts depending on the character (head, tail, hair etc)
  • Each part has its own rarity
  • When combined together, the more parts of high rarity - the higher the total rarity value of the skin
  • Rarity will affect the amount of TSC obtained in game
  • Each part has its own drop rate according to its rarity


  • Skins have durability that lowers with use. Skins can still be equipped when their durability reaches 0, but cannot produce additional TSC


  • You can spend currency to repair skins and can continue to generate currency after repairing


  • IN DEVELOPMENT. Testing ideas like fusing two skins together to make a new one.


  • You can trade skins of any durability
  • Skins are sold on the official website in the form of NFT digital assets

Total limit

  • NFT skins are unlimited