League System

The league system is a system for players to earn points by playing games to get more rewards

League Mode

  • The basic game mode of PVP 3V3, players will increase/decrease the number of trophies after winning/losing, and get TSC and weapon fragment rewards.

  • Players need to win the battle to get points to improve the League Level

  • Higher League Level will unlock more battle content and increase token reward output

League Points and Level

  • Players will gain points if they win in the game, and lose points if they lose.

  • You will also get extra points for being elected as MVP/SVP, First Win Every Day, etc.

  • The Level affects the battle contents and TSC output efficiency of each game

League Unlock

  • As the League level rises, the return rate of TSC will gradually increase.

  • As the League level rises, unlock additional game battle maps and levels.

  • As the League level rises, unlock additional monsters.

Trophies & Levels

  • After the player uses the character to participate in the game, the character will gain/lose a certain number of trophies.

  • The number of trophies determines which League Level the character is in.

  • The higher the League Level, the higher-level leagues a game player can enter, and the more rewards receivable after winning the game.

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