NFT Weapons

An NFT weapon itself does not passively generate tokens. Players need to use the NFT weapon while participating in various activities such as PVP Battles, League Matches and Special Events.

    • NFT weapons have their own ID and are unique digital assets.

    • The total supply of NFT weapons is unlimited. For the weapon INO, the price to mint will be lower than in-game in the future and there is a higher chance of minting a rarer weapon.

    • The in-game token, $TSC, can be generated after using NFT weapons to play games in league matches.

    • As the number of Legendary rarity NFT weapons a player holds increases, extra tokens are accrued after battle.

    • NFT weapons can be traded in the marketplace.

    • The higher the rarity of NFT weapons, the more the TSC it can produce.

    • Each NFT weapon will have different unique attributes.

    • NFT weapons have durability, which reduces with use in battle. When the durability of a weapon reaches zero, players can spend some TSC to repair the weapon. Weapons can be repaired a maximum of six times before they finally lose their ability to gather TSC. Once the repair limit has been reached, players have three options:

      1. Keep: Continue to use and play for fun, without earning.

      2. Recycle: The weapon will be removed from your inventory and broken down in exchange for some TSC.

      3. Reforge: Weapons can be restored to their former glory. Combine the weapon with another of the same rarity to reforge it and restore full durability and repair slots. This will be particularly attractive for players who have a strong weapon with high attributes.

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