Weapon System

Weapons are the core items that players must equip in the game

Weapon Type

  • The weapon type affects gameplay via its different skills and attributes

  • 3 melee types: Double knives, Swords, Hammers

  • 3 ranged types: Bow, Crossbow, Staff

Classic Weapon

  • Classic weapons are non-NFT weapons that players can get for free when they start the game

  • There are a total of 6 classic weapons (1 for each weapon type)

  • Classic weapons cannot earn TSC via game matches

  • Classic weapons cannot be traded in the market

  • For more info on NFT Weapons, check out NFT Weapons


  • Except for classic weapons, NFT weapons will determine the attributes of weapons according to their rarity.

  • The rarity of the NFT weapon you get will be randomly chosen.

  • Example: Hammer weapons’ damage range is 100~200. When you get a hammer, the rarity of this weapon is random, if it is legendary then the damage value of this hammer is 200, if it is Rare then the damage value of this hammer is 100.

  • Weapons are divided into 3 types of rarity, with Legendary being the rarest, followed by Epic then Rare

    • Legendary

    • Epic

    • Rare

  • The higher the rarity, the:

    • higher the numerical attributes of the weapon

    • higher the durability and repair times of the weapon

    • stronger the effect of the weapon skill


Weapon Damage

  • Damage dealt by normal attacks

Health Boost

  • HEALTH BOOST will give the character Extra Maximum Health

Ability Power

  • The base damage value when calculating the damage of various skills

Weapon Traits

  • Some legendary weapons have a weapon trait, which is a passive effect or passive skill that can be activated when the weapon is used (for example, POWERFUL SPIN - 20% chance to launch 2 boomerangs when attacking)

  • Each weapon trait has a different effect

  • Only legendary weapons have a chance to have weapon traits

    • Each weapon trait has a different rarity: S, A, B, C, with S being the rarest

  • The higher the rarity of the weapon trait, the stronger the skill effect


  • The weapon Potential determines the initial attributes of the weapon, and each attribute (Weapon Damage, HEALTH BOOST, Ability Power, Influence) will be affected by the corresponding Potential

  • The higher the attribute potential, the higher the attribute value that can be improved when the weapon is upgraded


  • All NFT weapons also have an Influence effect on all enemy monsters' attributes on the opponent's battlefield


  • NFT weapons are divided into 6 elements:

    • Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Light, and Dark

  • Classic weapons can not have an element

  • Elemental effects that may be attached to weapon skills

Weapon Skill

  • Each weapon has 2 unique weapon skills

  • Different rarities of the same weapon will have different skills

TSC Capacity

  • TSC can be produced while using NFT weapons in game matches

  • When the number of NFT weapons of the same rarity reaches a certain number, the token output of the rarity NFT weapons will increase, and the increased value will be determined according to the rarity and quantity


  • Each game (2 rooms + Boss room) completed with an NFT weapon will also affect it's durability, consuming 1 point after each. Weapons range in durability from 30-50 points depending on rarity.

  • When the weapon durability reaches 0, the weapon can still be used but will not able to obtain TSC rewards

  • Weapons can be repaired, recycled or reforged when their durability reaches 0

    • Repair: Weapons at 0 durability can be repaired by consuming TSC, but the upper limit of durability will be reduced by a small amount after repairing

    • Recycle: There is a limit on the number of times you can repair weapons, after which it can be repurchased and exchanged for a certain percentage of TSC

    • Reforge: When the weapon cannot be repaired again, it can also be reforged. The durability of the weapon is refreshed to the initial state, but reforging requires consumption of 1 NFT weapon of the same rarity. This consumed weapon's durability and repair times are transferred to the newly re-forged weapon.

Market Transaction

  • Players can buy or sell NFT weapons of any durability in the marketplace

  • Marketplace transactions are settled in TSC

Upgrading Weapon

  • Successfully upgrading weapons will improve their basic attributes

  • Upgrading weapons is an increasingly delicate process and there is a chance of failure:

    • The more times the weapon has been upgraded, the higher the weapon level, the higher the price and the the lower chance of success

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