Character System


Each character has the following information

  • Name

  • Story / Background

  • Attribute - Each character will have different advantages and disadvantages as basic attributes

  • Character Skill - Each hero has different exclusive skill


  • Basic Attributes: The basic attributes of a character will increase with the level of the character. The values that increase with each level depend on the character.

  • Each time you increase your combat talent level, you receive Character Experience.

  • The character's initial level is 1, and the character's level upper limit is 10.

  • The higher the character level, the more TSC you can earn through the battle.

Character Skill

  • Each character has 1 active skill that can be used in the game.

  • The active skills of each character are different.

  • The level of the Character Skill is the same as the character level.

  • The higher the Character's Skill Level, the stronger the effect.

Talent & Magic Crystal

In-game effect

  • There are Magic Crystal on the battlefield, when breaking the Magic Crystal, all players in the team will get a chance to activate a talent.

  • The crystal in the normal battle room can activate 1 Normal Talent, and the crystal in the boss room can activate 1 Super Talent.

  • A maximum of 2 Normal Talents and 1 Super Talent can be activated per battle.

Outside the game

  • Each hero has unique 9 Super Talents and 18 Normal Talents.

  • New talents will be unlocked every time you increase your league level.

  • Talents are divided into four qualities: Normal, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. The higher the quality, the stronger the effect.

  • Each hero has 3 super talent slots and 6 normal talent slots. Players can choose the talents they want to use in the game before starting the battle.

What is Super Talent

  • Different from Normal Talents, Super Talents have stronger effects and are more powerful.

  • Super Talent can only be activated in the Boss Room.

  • Choosing a more favorable Super Talent is the key to victory.

How to get talent

  • Talents can be upgraded by collecting Talent Fragments and spending TSC.

  • Talent Fragments can be obtained through quest rewards and store purchases.

  • When a talent level is increased to the maximum, the fragments of this talent will no longer be generated.


  • Each time a player uses a character to participate in the game, it needs to consume 1 point of stamina.

  • Each character has maximum stamina of 20 points.

  • The stamina will return to the maximum value at a fixed time every day (tentatively set at 24:00 Japan Standard Time).

  • In addition to automatically recovering daily, stamina can be obtained through rewards (daily tasks).

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