• Battle Style: Summoner

  • Background Story

    • With a powerful horn and a strong outer shell, Haleys has been fighting since she was born. The tournament is her chance to prove what she already knows - that she is the worlds toughest fighter.

  • Character Skill: Swarm Plague

  • Hatches demon worms for all allied heroes to attack and absorb health.

Super Talent

Swarm Lord

  • Rarity: Legendary

  • Haleys hatches a worm elf that casts a blessing every 10 seconds, increasing the damage power of allied summoned creatures by 100% for 5 seconds.

Swarm Protection

  • Rarity: Legendary

  • The swarm gathers behind Haleys' back to form a shield, blocking damage of 100% of her maximum health.

Cross Fire

  • Rarity: Legendary

  • Haleys casts a pillar of fire in the cross direction every 10 seconds, causing damage equal to 500% of her total power.

Spiny Worm

  • Rarity: Epic

  • The hornworm fires spikes at the boss every second, causing damage equal to 150% of her total power.

Shield Worm Potion

  • Rarity: Epic

  • When Haleys uses a potion, nearby allies gain 1000 shields for 5 seconds.

Death Strike

  • Rarity: Rare

  • When Haleys suffers from fatal damage, she immediately activates the Swarm Plague and gains 3000 shields. (20 seconds cooldown)

Blood Will

  • Rarity: Rare

  • For every time 30% of her maximum health is damaged, Haleys will generate a sandstorm around her and become invisible for 2 seconds. Enemies affected by the sandstorm will be slowed down by 50%.


  • Rarity: Rare

  • When the hornworm is on the enemy battlefield, its attack damage is increased by 100% and its movement speed is increased by 100%.

Blood Rage

  • Rarity: Normal

  • Swarm Plague lasts 50% longer, but the hatching ticks no longer drain health for Haleys.

Normal Talent


  • Rarity: Legendary

  • When the hornworm dies, it explodes, inflicting 200% of total power damage to nearby enemies.

Worm Sacrifice

  • Rarity: Legendary

  • Haleys hatches a permanent tick that causes 50% damage per second, it transfers 50% of health to Haleys.


  • Rarity: Legendary

  • When teleporting to enemies' battlefields, Haleys applies 500 shields to surrounding monsters every 6 seconds for 3 seconds.

Blood Feeder

  • Rarity: Epic

  • Worms hatched by the Swarm Plague have 50% increased health drain.

Trembling Disaster

  • Rarity: Epic

  • Swarm Plague releases poison to targeted enemies, causing 50 damage per second for 10 seconds.


  • Rarity: Epic

  • After launching Swarm Plague, it delays 3 seconds and pulls nearby enemies towards you, causing damage equal to 200% of your total power.

Instant Protection

  • Rarity: Epic

  • When the enemy hero enters the battlefield, it makes the allied hero gain 1000 shields.

Spiked Shell

  • Rarity: Rare

  • Every time Haleys suffers 10% damage to her maximum health, she shucks and explodes after a 2-second delay, causing damage equal to 200% of her total power and stunning the enemy.

Loyal Follower

  • Rarity: Rare

  • When launching the Swarm Plague, there is an 80% chance of summoning an additional hornworm, a 40% chance of 2 hornworms, and a 20% chance of 3 hornworms.

Painful Puncture

  • Rarity: Rare

  • When Haleys rolls, she leaves a string of spikes behind her, stunning enemies encountering it.

Disaster Spread

  • Rarity: Rare

  • Automatically spawns 1 Hornworm every 5 seconds.

Breath of Life

  • Rarity: Rare

  • Hornworm survival time increased by 5 seconds.


  • Rarity: Normal

  • When a monster dies, there is a 50% chance to spawn a hornworm.

Bloody Grant

  • Rarity: Normal

  • Each time an enemy hero dies nearby, Haleys' maximum health is increased by 10%.

Attack Signal

  • Rarity: Normal

  • After Haleys suffers from damage, the damage power of her next attack is increased by 200%. (5 seconds cooldown)

Ghost Dance

  • Rarity: Normal

  • Every 30 seconds, Haleys' movement speed is increased by 20% for 3 seconds.


  • Rarity: Normal

  • After Haleys is revived, the damage power is increased by 20% for 10 seconds.

Horn Heart

  • Rarity: Normal

  • Haleys' maximum health is increased by 10%.

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